Thursday, September 23, 2010

34 pc makeup brush set on amazon/ebay

Ok so I just did some research on some new brushes... I looked on nyx website and MAC. I had a order all set and ready to check out on the nyx website, which totaled up to 148 not including S&H. But before I order something I always go and check YouTube for reviews on products,which really helps a lot. So I saw in the search box 34 brush set from eBay. I clicked it and what I saw I wanted right away!! Lol I've never ordered from eBay so I checked out amazon and they have it to. It's a 34 pc brush set for $30-39!! I saw some good reviews on it and some bad like every product but more good then bad. This set includes so many brushes and that's exactly what I need. I want to order two of them but ill stick to one for now until I get that one and review for myself. So stay tuned for my review on that product and go check it out yourself!!!!

makeup by tiffany

Why I blog...

I love flogging because this the only place I can talk about nothing but makeup and people actually care and read it. The many different faces of makeup is beautiful and its more like an art than anything else. But to someone that is not interested in it will never understand that. My fiancee thinks its not important,but he doesn't look at the art part of it. He says why do u buy so much makeup u already have enough at the house. There are so many reviews and looks I can do and talk about. So anyway that is why I blog to inform other women of good products and bad products and to show off different looks I've done. To also advertise a comment and tell me why you blog!!!

makeup by tiffany

Monday, September 20, 2010

Nicka k blushers

Ok so I just posted about a future small haul I wud be doin. It came much faster than I thought!! I went and picked them up today.

And here they are

makeup by tiffany

Friday, September 17, 2010

Future haul

Ok so I saw some products at the beauty supply today,that I have to go back and get now!!! It is nicka k cosmetics blushes and I want them in every color!!! I will post pics when I get them all. They r only 2.99 a piece and they look so pretty!! So ill be picking them up within the next week. So stay tuned for my haul!!

makeup by tiffany

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm back!!!!!

Well I've been off the map for a while!!!!! so I'm just posting to let you beauties know that I'm back and will be posting many on new posts from now! My phone was broken and I had to do an insurance claim. So I just got my new phone,so anyway, I have picked up so many new products in the mean time and I ordered Avons new foundation and powder so I will have that tonight to review about. Then afterwork today I'm going to rite aid to pick up more of the wetnwild colorstay lipsticks. I have fallen in love with them! They really do last much longer than my nyx lipsticks but they r all mattes so a gloss is a must have with this lippie. Go check them out while the sale is on they are 2.99 and buy one get one free. Lata!!!!

makeup by tiffany