Friday, November 26, 2010

MAC mineralized skinfinish in gold deposit

I wanted to do a honest review of these products so I waited until I had used them all for a little while. The skinfinish in gold deposit is the BEST!!! I love this as a bronzer and highlight for my skin tone. I apply my normal blush and then the skinfinish on top of it which accents the blush and makes my cheeks light up when I smile. But it must be used sparingly bcuz it blends beautifully. The MAC fix+ is wonderful. I use this to rejuvenate my makeup and to also make it blend into each other do that whatever I have on won't look so cakey or pasty on my face. This mixture of whatever, does the trick!! Now this was my first MAC cosmetics experience with my bestie and I think I have fallen in love!! Im constantly on the site now checking to see what I will get on my next trip there. Lol Smh complete addict. Now the third product I have there is Revlons mineralized skinfinish in suntan which is much more settle then the MAC one but is still beautiful either way. I use this product the very same way and it looks beautiful when blended correctly. Check these products out ladies they are soooo worth it!!!

makeup by tiffany

My new brush storage using sand!!

I wanted to find a new way to store my brushes and I thought about sephora stores theirs so I copied!! I went and found a bin from the resale shop and bought some decorative sand from Michaels craft store and this was the result!! I can see all of my face brushes without having to move all of them around and I have plenty of room for more as I go!!  The bin cost 1.00 and the 2 bags of sand cost 2.99 a piece! Hope u enjoy the pics!!

makeup by tiffany

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beauty tips!!!!

Skin Care Tip: Strengthen your skin by choosing skin moisturizers that contain Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Skin Care Tip: Nourish your skin by drinking plenty of water each day.

Skin Care Tip: Get 8 hours of sleep each day to maintain your healthy and youthful skin.

Eyebrows Tip: When you pluck your eyebrows, try shaping them in accordance with your facial features.  This will enhance your looks.

Eyebrows Tip: Your eyebrows should be about two shades lighter than your hair color.  The opposite is true if your hair is blond or gray.

Eyebrows Tip: You can help enhance your delicate beauty by having well-groomed eyebrows.

Beauty Foods Tip: Citrus fruits hold your skin cells together by forming collagen.  This is why it's important to eat citrus fruits regularly.

Skin Care Tip: Laser therapy can help improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Beauty Foods Tip: Eat wheat germ each day to get rid of your pimples.  Adding wheat germ to your cereal, yogurt, or cottage cheese can make it tastier.

makeup by tiffany