Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why I blog...

I love flogging because this the only place I can talk about nothing but makeup and people actually care and read it. The many different faces of makeup is beautiful and its more like an art than anything else. But to someone that is not interested in it will never understand that. My fiancee thinks its not important,but he doesn't look at the art part of it. He says why do u buy so much makeup u already have enough at the house. There are so many reviews and looks I can do and talk about. So anyway that is why I blog to inform other women of good products and bad products and to show off different looks I've done. To also advertise a comment and tell me why you blog!!!

makeup by tiffany

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  1. I blog for the same reason you do! It's my creative outlet to write and babble on about makeup to people who actually care. Makeup (and writing) is an art, and blogging is the perfect way to share my interest with like-minded people.