Thursday, April 22, 2010

My thoughts on nyx products

Round lipsticks- I definitely love these sooo much!!! I have over 30 of them for sure lol. They glide on really creamy and silky. Very vibrant and beautiful colors. My favs are Hermes and Aphrodite

Single eyeshadows- I only have two of these and I like them but im not in love. I have purple and rust. they r very pigmented  but all of the colors just don't pop to me.

Cream glitter palettes- I have three of these and I love them I wear them when I go out at night just to make the shadow pop. I have the silver, brown and purple palette. They r easy to use and come with a sponge and brush applicator.

Shimmer pigments- I have like three of these in black,purple,and brown. I love the purple I haven't used the brown one yet. But they do look nice when applied the right way. Just a Lil messy tho.

Jumbo eyeshadow  pencils- I have these in black,slate,lilac, milk,and gold. These and very useful and easy to use especially when doin precise lines. They glide on very easy and creamy unlike most shadow pencils that r very hard and tug at ur eyelids.

Megashine lipglosses- I love these also!! They r very pigmented and creamy. they don't dry ur lips out and they come in beautiful colors.

Eyeshadow  3 quad palettes-i have five of these and They r basically they same as the singles. Pigmented but not a lot of colors pop out to me. But thats just me.

Nyx lip liners- I like these but don't use them a lot. But the are smooth and creamy. Pretty colors and last long time.

Nyx blushes- very very very pigmented I only have two but I like them very much. They don't have any real plum colors for dark skin females but I did find those two that do the trick. Pecan and dusty rose are nice for women of my skin tone.  

OK hope that helped anybody thats thinking about trying nyx products or just looking for some other colors to try or products to try! Thanks for reading and hope ur following! !!!

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