Sunday, April 18, 2010

Battle of the ex's

Went to a hotel bday party last night wit my fiancee and some of his friends lol and just so happen his ex girlfriend was there looking a hot mess! Lol we have been together seven years and this girl is still in love wit him after all this time smh. What's   wrong wit her? ! Lol she drunk herself in depression last might just she cudnt take seeing me and him together happily lol lol lol that shit is not cute booboo smh .  She thought I was some ugly bitch that she wasnt going to feel intimidated by oh but boy was she wrong so wrong lol lol yea boo he stepped his game up and got a bad bitch!  Get over him!!! Lol then to add to that she has gotten fat as hell ill be honest and say when she was smaller she was a pretty girl but the weight she gained made her look so bad unfortunately. I mean im not a skinny girl either but she's two of me. Well I honestly feel sorry for her cause she can't let him go after all these years smh  so to be honest there is no battle I clearly won. Lmao!  Just wanted to share my night wit y'all ttyl!!! 

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