Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Elf studio cream eyeshadow review

So I kno i haven't posted in a while now,but I decided to blog about this instead of doin a YouTube video,which is what I've been doin. So hopefully you guys are following me there also. Just in case Ur not, So anyway I just recently bought e.l.f's cream eyeshadows from the studio line,I only have the one in bronze and dream I believe it is.  The one I use the most is the bronze color and I wasn't expecting it to last very long at all. But contrary to my beliefs lol i put it on at 6am and wore it to work,with elfs eyeshadow base and nothin else. This cream shadow last me all day. I work 12 hour days so I don't have time to touch up or even care to sometimes. So by the time I got home which was around 8pm this shadow was just starting to crease!!! I cudnt believe it !! Lol I was greatly impressed with the product. especially with its $3 price. So I wore it again today and the pic I've posted is from 6am to 2pm with no touch ups or anything.

So whenever u get a chance please order these cream shadows from     e.l.f's website or check out ur local Target or kmart. I will definitely be ordering more colors. For only 3.00 this is a STEAL!!!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!!! Muah!!

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